‘The Order: 1886’ Review Round-up – Did it Flop?

Ever since its official announcement back at E3 2013, The Order: 1886 was advertised as a system seller. The shroud of hype surrounding the product, its unique setting, and breathtaking visuals seemed like a near-perfect combination for a game, which was going to certainly be one of the best PlayStation 4 exclusives out there. Or perhaps, it meant the exact opposite, as in what actually happened.

As of Febuary 22nd, The Order: 1886 holds a score of 65 on Metacritic, and recieving mixed reviews both from critics and players, due to its repetitive and short gameplay, long and unskippable cutscenes, which go along with a quick-time event galore. People are comparing it to 2013’s Xbox One exclusive Ryse: Son of Rome, which also gained similar scores due to its many QTE sequences. One thing’s for sure, though – The Order’s visuals are incredible.

Destructoid talks about the game’s fantastic setting, but also how linear and peppered with quick-time events the game actually is, this giving it a 6/10 score.

Gametrailers also praise The Order’s unique universe, but not without mentioning its crippling gameplay. Surprisingly, GameTrailer’s score is so far the highest one – 8.2/10.

IGN mentions long, unskippable cutscenes, and segments during which not much is happening besides walking around. They do, however, applaud The Order’s stunning graphical effects. Their score is 6.5/10.

According to GameSpot, The Order: 1886 is mundane and tedious experience, which tries to fill the boxes for both a movie and a game, and ultimately failing both. Their score is a 5/10.

Appearantly, The Order: 1886 is recieving mixed reviews, some of them even go as far as calling it “a failure”. It is hard to tell whether the game really is that, but it is, most surely, a disappointment.